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Air Freight

Import & Export Air Services


At Summit Global Logistics, we offer a range of products and services, which includes the handling of International Air Freight services for both Import and Export for all business sizes and individuals who need to get their shipment to the other side of the world quickly.

We take pride in offering a superior service for all urgent and time sensitive cargo to all corners of the world.

We will help you customise the best air freight product that suits your requirements.

Our Air Freight Service includes:

  • IATA accredited operation;

  • Customs Bonds located in both Sydney and Melbourne, which enables us to have complete control over freight forwarding and customs formalities for your shipments;

  • Customised Import & Export Air Forwarding projects.


Highlights of our Air Freight Services:

  • In-house Customs Clearance

  • Tailored Services to meet your needs

  • Unpack and Storage services

  • Unit Load Device (ULD) – handling direct off the airport

  • Temperature Control Airline Units to keep product within temperature range when required

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