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Summit deals with many partners around the world and from time to time, we are aware of some fascinating services offered by these partners.  In the USA, Summit works with the Radiant Group, a publically listed company that operates under two brands, Adcom Worldwide and Airgroup.
We have become aware of the Airgroup Los Angeles office's involvement with the USA Soccer Team's logistics.
The 'United States Soccer Federation' is the sponsoring body of the men's national team and every game the US Soccer team plays at the FIFA World Cup is supported by Radiant Global Logistics and its Airgroup team in Los Angeles.  Airgroup LAX is involved with the the logistical needs of everything the US Team requires for a match both in and outside of the USA.  Uniforms, shoes, balls, and medical supplies are all part of the shipments handled for the men's national team. Every shipment is extremely time sensitive and requires personal attention from beginning to end. Our staff works closely with the support personnel that travel with the national team.

The players count on Airgroup LAX customer service team to deliver the shipments, regardless of weather or any other challenge that might occur - the start of the soccer game cannot be delayed. Our great relationship with many airlines has allowed us to get other cargo bumped to get the US soccer team's equipment moved to meet the deadline of a match.

The uniforms are most interesting. All uniforms must be laundered, gear repacked and accounted for after every match. Airgroup LAX has typically less than a 5 hour window to pick-up and arrange the shipment for the Next Flight Out returning the uniforms to the team - wherever the next match is played.

The World Cup was no different.A call came Saturday night to pick up 120 personal bags in Philadelphia and deliver them by 7:00 hrs on Sunday morning in Washington, D.C. to meet them team to catch the South African Airways flight lock out at 12:30 hrs. - in time for the US Team's first game vs. England.

Radiant's Airgroup LAX office is so involved with US soccer team that the customer service team makes the carnet applications that are used for most international shipments. They stay with the office because the carnet cannot be lost - and you never know when they will be needed to help the US Team score another last minute goal.
Due to unprecedented growth, despite the effects of the Global Financial Crisis, Summit Global Logistics has again moved its Sydney office to expand the warehouse facilties and to provide more space for container handling.
The new address in Sydney is 8 Carrington Road, Marrickville NSW 2204. All telephone and fax numbers remain the same.
Those of you who know Sydney will appreciate that Marrickville is still on the International side of the Sydney Airport, enabling faster collection of international airfreight shipments from the international airlines servicing Sydney.
The new premises cover 4,800 square metres in warehouse facilities and 600 square metres of office space.
The extra yard space allows for greater utilisation of the Summit Sydney container truck fleet, including its sideloader opeartions.
As in past locations in Sydney, the new premises are fully Customs Bonded, allowing us to store goods under Customs control and to unpack airfreight and seafreight consignments directly into our warehouse, pending Customs release.  The premises are also licenced under the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) requirements, allowing us to carry out AQIS inspections on-site and to fumigate consignments for both export and import.  The increased warehouse space also allows a greater range of logistics, storage and distribution services to be carried out on behalf of new and existing clients.
As in the past, Summit Sydney has extended an invitation to everyone to visit the new premises at Marrickville to see the extent of the new capabilities on offer at the Sydney location.

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