How We Do It

Quite simply, how we do it is to have the best staff and the best operations procedures working together to move your goods.

The movement of your goods from one place in the world to another starts and stops with the skills and the dedication of the people carrying out the necessary functions to make this movement happen.

The mission of Summit Global Logistics is to provide the highest quality freight forwarding and customs brokerage services to the Australian importing and exporting industries.

The values of Summit Global Logistics are to concentrate on high quality service in the freight forwarding and customs brokerage industry where service is often compromised by outside influences, but can be controlled by attention to detail, forward planning and proactive strategies.

The way Summit Global Logistics delivers on its mission and sticks to its values is to think globally and to act locally. Our operators are highly trained, nimble to move with an ever changing environment and are dedicated to attending to every detail.

Summit Global Logistics can give you the type of individual service that cannot be delivered by the huge, multi-national organisation. You speak to the same person who handles your shipments from start to finish. You know that all possible variations in regard to moving your goods have been looked at, evaluated and the best options selected.

An integral part of the service to clients is the fact that the operations of the company are carried out by senior staff members, working with the expertise available from the owners of the company. The amalgamation of skills within the company covers the entire spectrum of international logistics, export to import, covering all modes of transport.

Being creative keeps Summit Global Logistics that vital step ahead.

Summit has a target of turning obstacles into opportunities on a daily basis. Finding solutions to everyday problems and where possible, turning them into opportunities is the company's Mission in Business.

Quality is never an accident. At Summit Global Logistics it has been found that quality in service is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent and well-founded direction, and once combined with skilful execution, it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

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